Invest In Your Professional and Financial Success!

Virtual Group Coaching & Mastermind Groups

These groups allow participants to receive training and learn from each other as we focus on different aspects of career development, practice management and finance.  To find out more about these groups visit this link: Group Coaching & Mastermind Groups

Seminars and Workshops

For those who would like to host a live workshop or seminar for their organization or residency program, please contact me with information about topics you are interested in and the time frame you are looking to host the event.

Personalized Coaching

Executives and professionals of most other industries hire coaches to improve their careers. Physicians historically don't invest in their career success the same way. But times have changed. Physicians need the same kind of coaching and leadership training to get the most out of their careers and their practices. Check out the coaching link to find out how coaching can help you.

DISC Profiles

DISC profiles are an assessment that helps you to understand yourself and understand others better so that you can communicate with people more effectively, avoid conflict and stress, and develop better personal and professional relationships. Learn more about DISC profiles at this link.