Personal Finance for Physicians


The course they didn’t teach you in medical school on how to be successful after graduation.



[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”22″]When my first e-book, Personal Finance for Physicians, came out I offered it for free to young physicians throughout Florida because we as physicians are often poor managers of our finances.
During those few days it was downloaded over 500 times and made #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list for Physician e-books. Despite the great response, I knew there were people who missed out, so I have continued to make this great content available for free. Since then hundreds more have been able to discover the keys to getting started on their road to financial freedom. If you enter your information below and click on the button, I will send you a complimentary copy of the e-book right now.

The book will provide a brief overview of issues that are key in building and protecting wealth, such as insurance, investing, estate planning, retirement and asset protection. You’ll learn how to build a team of advisors who can help you set and achieve financial goals. In addition, for everyone who downloads the e-book, I will send an additional personal finance for physicians worksheet to help you get started applying the principles taught in my book.[/text_block]

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Your Guide to
Getting Started with Your Financial Plan

Personal Finance for Physicians provides an introduction to topics essential for building and protecting your wealth.


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    Discover who you need on your team of advisors to maximize your income and protect your wealth.

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    Learn what insurance you need to protect your assets and your career.

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    Bonus: Receive a free worksheet to help you assess your financial planning.

This book is unique from other personal finance books I have read in that it focuses on issues relevant to my profession as a physician. As a solo medical practitioner with a small business, I found this book to be a great overview of things to consider in order to build and protect my wealth. I liked the fact that this book was concise and easy to read – a definite plus for anyone already struggling with a busy schedule. Whether you are still in residency or have been working as a medical professional for a number of years, I believe this book is beneficial for all physicians at any stage in their career.

Dr. Srisawat, Family Practice

As a physician I found this book very helpful. It prompted me to make some changes and to look into things I had not done previously. This book is concise and covers the basics for personal finance as it applies to physicians. This topic was not covered during my medical school or residency, thus I found it quite helpful. I would highly recommend this book for physicians and other professionals.

Dr. Beckworth, Physiatry